Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jaxon's 4 years old

Jaxon turned 4 years old yesterday, March 12...and boy did he soak it up! He really wanted a football party this year where everyone wore their football outfits...I talked him into having everyone wear their favorite football team shirts, since I was guessing most of our family members did not own football uniforms complete in their sizes. So, for his family birthday party most of us gathered in our football team attire of different sorts and celebrated with the big boy by enjoying "concessions" and cake & ice cream. 1 hot dog, handful of nachos, some football cake and "white" ice cream (as Jaxon calls it), an assortment of gifts, and some fun play with cousins & aunts & uncles & grandparents made for a pretty awesome 4th birthday party! He fell asleep this night in his tent (from Aunt Heidi & uncle Aaron) already set up in his room, thanks to grandma Pat.

On his actual birthday he wanted to have some friends over to play and make pizza together. So, being the brave mom I am some days...I invited 4 children over to indulge my now 4 year old and we partied it up! Let me tell you... I have taught, cared for, baby-sat, and watched over many children... I was not trained for the energy that 5- 3 & 4 year old children could make during a birthday party! I am so glad I invited (okay, begged) my good pal, Jen, to come and help!!! We laughed SO much during this time and the kids had a blast! They played pirates, hide & seek, piano game, wrestled, baseball, hid under bed & in tent, yelled, screamed, made pizza, ate pizza, ate cake & ice cream, did sidewalk chalk, sledding in our backyard, had snow ball fights, drew in the snow, stomped in water puddles, threw things down my laundry shoot, played with our race track, and climbed all over 3 guys that made a surprise visit (I work w/ these 3 fun guys and they showed up just in time to wind the kids up a notch or two!). Yes, take a breath now...I was reminding myself of that about 2 hours in. I have to was a successful birthday celebration! I had so much fun getting ready and enjoying all of it with my first baby boy, family, and friends.

We ended Jaxon's 4th birthday by eating more pizza at Family Time at church (Wed night family meal) and snuggeling on the couch to watch the Bee Movie, as Jaxon requested, before bed. My wonderful blessing of a son fell into bed that night sighing "I love being four". It was a good year to turn 4! Happy Birthday my son :)

Jaxon and his friends who came for the pizza party... Eli Mickey, Mason Reisetter, Gabe Middleton, and Joelle Wessels.

Enjoying the home-made pizza and kool-aid bottle drinks (a treat in our house :)

Jaxon and his cousin Kyler at football party. Jaxon and Kyler are such good buddies!

Dad, Mom, Jaxon, & Austin... football cake, birthday song, and blowing out candles..whoo-hoo!

Jaxon and his football field cake! We had a good time making it together.

Jaxon and baby brother all ready for the football party fun! Dad is so proud...Go Vikings!


Katie said...

Jess, it looks like everyone had so much fun at both parties!!! The cake looked awesome!!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

i can just HEAR the noise at your house during that birthday party! :) hee hee, fun times!