Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall Days...

One of our favorite things to do is walk and hike through Hartman Reserve here in our home-town. We don't do it enough actually... Jaxon calls it "the jungle" and loves to run through the trails and just talk about anything and everything as he goes looking for animals or cool sticks or big rocks to throw into the very small creek that runs through. It is times like these that I truly stop and let myself get lost in the moment of being there with our child that God has given us. I can remember our moods, our laughs, questions asked during these walks, hear Jaxon's little feet on the ground, feel his small and gentle hands in mine, hear his little voice asking great questions and giving me great explanations of what he sees...I simply get lost in these moments and the beauty that surrounds us while we escape for a couple hours into a quiet place. It's such a wonderful thing to share! These pictures are from our last trip there last week. It was lots of fun and might be one of our last with just Jaxon ... the next time we walk the trails we may be backpacking a baby with us too. And then, we'll share one of our favorite family traditions with the next Hansen member. Jaxon will be a great little leader for that! Happy Fall days to you all and I hope you each find moments of quietness to get lost in.

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