Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Farm!

Hansen family at the pumpkin farm in Grinnell,IA. We spent a Saturday afternoon with our good friends, the Reisetter's, at this very family friendly farm. It was a fun day that the boys (and mom's & dad's) really enjoyed :-)

Jaxon getting ride from dad in the wheel-barrow! Faster Dad, faster! Dad later impressed us with jumping over 3 still got it hon!

Jaxon and his good buddy, Mason, in the corn field maze.

Jaxon getting a ride with "Lucy". He was all smiles and got off saying "I loved it, Mom."

Here's Jaxon in the cool little shed filled with CORN! It's like a little boy's dream and easier to clean up from then sand. An ideal play place for mom's too :-)

Of all the things he did...Jaxon loved the slides the most! Slides from the tree-house and in the hay-barn. Feet first, hands first, on his tummy, on his tushy...he found lots of ways to enjoy the slides!

It was a fun day and we look forward to pumpkin farms again next year!!

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