Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Farm!

Hansen family at the pumpkin farm in Grinnell,IA. We spent a Saturday afternoon with our good friends, the Reisetter's, at this very family friendly farm. It was a fun day that the boys (and mom's & dad's) really enjoyed :-)

Jaxon getting ride from dad in the wheel-barrow! Faster Dad, faster! Dad later impressed us with jumping over 3 still got it hon!

Jaxon and his good buddy, Mason, in the corn field maze.

Jaxon getting a ride with "Lucy". He was all smiles and got off saying "I loved it, Mom."

Here's Jaxon in the cool little shed filled with CORN! It's like a little boy's dream and easier to clean up from then sand. An ideal play place for mom's too :-)

Of all the things he did...Jaxon loved the slides the most! Slides from the tree-house and in the hay-barn. Feet first, hands first, on his tummy, on his tushy...he found lots of ways to enjoy the slides!

It was a fun day and we look forward to pumpkin farms again next year!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baby Johnson

Babies...they're everywhere, they're everywhere! My sister just had her first baby this week... A little girl named Madalynn Isabelle. Jaxon's 1st cousin on the McIntosh side. That's kind of exciting! Jaxon wasn't as impressed with this one because "she's a girl" as he quoted to me on the way to visit her. If only his idea about girls lasted until he was out of the awkward and hormone induced adolescent years! Hmmm, probably not. Anyways, baby Madie and my sister, Andrea, are both doing well and coming home as a new family this weekend. Congrats to them and welcome to the family Madalynn!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby prepping...

Mom & Baby at 17 weeks!
Mom and Baby at 21 weeks!

Mom & Baby at 27 weeks, with friend Kris at 29 weeks!

Baby Boy Hansen at 20 weeks!

So we've come into fall and the cooler weather is reminding us that winter is just around the corner, as well as the arrival of our little guy. We're excited and anxious all at once. Excited to meet the little guy whose been moving around and growing for well over 7 months now and anxious about the changes that will be taking place soon on our family. Once in awhile a little bit of me feels overwhelmingly (?) sad as I say goodbye to days with just my first-born. I have treasured him so much and am so thankful I'm able to stay home with my children. Watching him grow, learn, play, and turn into such a little boy of God's brings tears to my face every so often. It's such a bitter-sweet new beginning I'm approaching...
And, then there will be 4 of us! Dave has really kicked it into gear the last couple weeks to get some things done before baby arrives. Painting baby's room, baby's room furniture, a couple home projects, buying some baby clothes (off e-bay of course), putting the crib together, getting the car-seat out and cleaning it, preparing Jaxon, setting up baby's insurance, and thinking of names (yes, he's still nameless at this point...any ideas???). I must say for a husband who does not like "projects", he's been the apple of my eye these last few weeks in that department :-) So...we'll finish preparing the home for baby's arrival and keep preparing our hearts as we await his special entrance into our world. Can't wait to meet the little man!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rainy day activities

Yesterday, it rained and rained at our place and that means finding alternatives for playing outside, which is how Jaxon likes to spend his days. It also happened to be Dave's day off, so he went and rented movies for himself and Jaxon since it was a work afternoon for me. Jaxon napped and then followed that with plopping himself down for the first movie dad rented for him. The boys watched together and after the first one he wanted to start his 2nd one already. I tried suggesting playing with a variety of things set, train set, blocks, tree-house and little people...even jumping on my bed! He wanted to watch Franklin now and well, that's what they did. So....I started making a lasagna asking Jaxon if he's just going to watch TV all evening? As we sat down to eat a bit later....Jaxon, well...was tooting quiet a bit...which openly happens in our house in case you don't know that about my husband or son! Serious as can be after a few minutes of that, literally...he looked at us and said "Actually, I'm just going to watch TV and toot all day". Dave and I were laughing so hard and Jaxon just looked at us like "what"?
Oh...makes you want to come over on a rainy day, huh? We find our humor even on the dreariest days :)