Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family photos!

Alright...I navigated myself through this blog system to figure out how to place pictures here. I always love seeing other family pics and so hope you enjoy. A few here from our late spring and summer days. Have a great weekend everyone!

"Hey Mom, can you bring my shades...and a cool drink while I'm waiting here"? Ahhh, the life of a 3 year old in the dog days of summer! Gotta love it!
Dad and Jaxon sitting on a picnic table that found it's way to the middle of the creek. Camping trip with the Reisetter's here... a yearly tradition we always look forward to!
Dave took me to San Fransisco in May to see the city and experience a little of what he does when he comes here for mission trips. It was a nice get-away for the 2 of us! Jaxon stayed home with our room-mates at the time, Mark & Kris. I think we all had fun...
Our fam waiting for my sister's wedding to start the end of last spring. I think Jaxon has inherited his dad's & Aunt Heidi's trait of half open eyes in most pictures. (thanks guys :-)
Jaxon and Mom sorting his "Farmer's Market" produce at the Iowa State Fair. if you haven't been and done the kids farm exhibit we highly recommend it! A great experience for little ones and so fun for them too :)
Jaxon & Gabe having fun swimming on the sand bar in the Mississippi river. We enjoyed a few days camping in Lansing with Gabe's, swimming, campfires, boating, napping, and lots of eating!
Dave's 30th birthday! A surprise party and Orange Crush makes for a fun 30th (at least for your 3 year old!) Dave played softball this night after his party and Jaxon took full advantage of the Orange pop served afterwards.
Jaxon with a couple of his favorite buddies. Jaxon loves having Gabe and Mason over to play. Here they are having fun in the backyard pool on a hot summer day!

Jaxon and Mom (4 months prego) at the Fireworks for 4th of July...Jaxon cried when they started and I had to cover his ears until he fell asleep. He still talks about those "loud fireworks that I don't like." Maybe next year?

Jaxon all decked out for his uncle August and now Aunt Katie's wedding. I know I'm biased, but what a handsome fellow :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

keeping up in a busy world...

Okay, in an attempt to keep in touch with friends and family all across America (and sadly even some across town!) I'm going to try and keep up somewhat with a family blog. This way we'll stay connected a little more and hopefully take advantage of the technology world we've found ourselves in. So... we'd love to hear from you, so please drop some comments when you find time and hope you enjoy reading about the lives and times of the Hansen family!

PS I'm fairly new to this, so bear with me as I navigate myself through blogging!